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Applied Control Systems provides comprehensive Engineering Services for integrated process control and information solutions to a diversified range of industries:

Power Generation Primary Metals
Chemical Processes Thermal Processes
Water Treatment Waste Water Treatment
OEM Equipment Pilot Plants and Prototypes

This range of industry experience has resulted in extensive application knowledge being employed to design and implement control systems for:

Combustion Processes Safety Interlocks
Sequential Control Optimization Control
Burner Management Multivariable Control
Continuous Processes Material Handling
Integrated Control Filtration Processes
Customizing Reporting Computer Interface Software
Scheduling/Tracking Equipment Start/Stop

Being both a Design Engineering and Control System Integrator firm, we can assist in all phases of a project, including long range objective planning and total plant control and information needs. We take pride in our long term relationships and proven track record of client satisfaction. Our reputation is built upon technically complete, on-budget, on-schedule, project implementation.