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Pyramid Integrator (PLC 5/250) to ControlLogix Upgrade

We can convert your 5/250 (Pyramid Integrator) code to ControlLogix.

Utilizing our translation tool we can accurately convert any existing 5/250 programs to run in ControlLogix. The program uses listing files created by 6200 (5/250) (.LIS, .TXT, and .DTR).

The Method.

This conversion process enables the user to load a program into ControlLogix, and connect their Remote I/O chain, and in minimal time, begin to fine-tune the ControlLogix program. Where possible, all sensible assumptions are made by the program.

Using 3 listing files created by the 6200 program – Our analyzer will create an importable .L5K file for ControlLogix. That file will be essentially complete, following these guidelines.

  • Symbols, Address Comments and Rung Comments are translated accurately, to the extent that the same Format in the 5/250 Program is retained in ControlLogix.
  • Logic (Ladder Logic) is translated exactly.
  • Data is initialized, any and all tables or values that exist in the 5/250 program will be migrated to ControlLogix.
  • Variables and Registers are conveniently named to facilitate the transition for the programmer. For example, 1N200:53 will become _1N200[53] in the ControlLogix version (An Array is created). Where required, Symbols are created for indexed variables. Symbols are always created for Control Register .POS values as these are used for index’s in the File instructions.
  • Existing Interfaces using PLC-5 type Reads or Writes (Level II etc) will still work after the newly created array is mapped using the “Logic/Map PLC5/SLC” Option in the program. Integer arrays are created as 16 Bit and ready for this mapping.
  • BTW/BTR instructions are translated correctly. The data remains in newly created BTD Data arrays. Few (if any) program changes are required.
  • I/O Configuration is generated, if the existing 1771 I/O racks and ASB’s are retained. The logic is analyzed, all Digital I/O is converted. Racks are named appropriately with similar addresses. This program will create only 1 DHRIO configuration (from where all Remote I/O Racks are automatically configured) – This can easily be manually split into 2 or more DHRIO’s before startup.

The Rack numbers – although addressed as decimal, will retain their Octal magnitude. That is, Rack 17 (Octal) in the 5/250, will become Rack 17 (Decimal) in the ControlLogix version. This translation is carried through any partial rack configuration.

I:017/14 (Rack 1 (Full Rack), Slot 7, Bit 4)  = Rack_01a:I.Data[7].12

I:017/14 (Rack 1 (Half Rack), Slot 7, Bit 4)  = Rack_01b:I.Data[3].12

The I/O Symbols and Descriptions are carried accordingly.

The Caveats

The following items are either not translated completely or are flagged for further work.

  • ASCII port programming will have to be re-coded in ControlLogix, this is due to the changes in handling Serial port commands in ControlLogix. ACS will be happy to assist you in completing this task.
  • Code using GSB, FOR, WIL statements etc will require manual work following translation, this is due to programming philosophy changes.
  • MOV instructions using 5/250 Bit Indexed commands (1N5:200{1..5}) are translated to BTD instructions automatically – any other usage, such as CMP, FAL etc will have to be manually translated.
  • CMP instructions using complex expressions bound by “LAND” and “LOR” statements (containing AND/OR operations). ControlLogix will treat the “AND” and the “OR” as undefined symbols. These statements will require manual translation.

Test Results

In our most resent test application – 2 LP’s incorporating 3,277 Rungs of Ladder Logic and 13 (1771) Racks of I/O, translated in 43 Seconds with only 180 errors on Import – Most of these errors were due to GSB and ASCII I/O statements. This is for an entire Continuous Caster (Steel Industry) Program.

This page is being updated to include other examples. Keep checking back for more information.

Still Need Convinced?

If you would like to see a section of your program converted,

  • Call to set up a time.
  • E-Mail your program files - They will be treated in the strictest confidence
  • We will Fax you back any section you like within ½ hour.

Contact Us

ACS will be happy to quote our services for either logic conversion support, or total turnkey system replacement including commissioning support.

Please review our Web pages which include our Project experience. 

For proposal information and answers to any questions – please call us at (412)-921-3226, and speak to Chris Powell or Dave Anselm, or use our Technical Support Form.


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